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OneSync Information

The OneSync server is unstable therefore it is common to have crashes.
If you do not want to deal with random crashes you can still play on one of the other 9 servers.

Welcome to the Tycoon Gaming Wiki

Welcome to the Tycoon Gaming Wiki! On this wiki you can find information of the Transport Tycoon servers, including player made guides, vehicle and job statistics, information on the development and the server rules or just everything else that is related to the Tycoon Gaming Community.

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UPS Ingame

What is Tycoon Gaming?

As a community, we currently focus mainly on Transport Tycoon on the FiveM platform.

Transport Tycoon puts you into the vast world of San Andreas, where your goal is to build yourself up to the status of multi-millionaire (or even billionaire!). By working hard in several unique jobs you will eventually gain new equipment and unlock new features that will aid you in an even faster way to the top!

Experience the skies of San Andreas while you're transporting passengers or cargo via planes. Travel thousands of kilometers on the endless network of roads in your own truck while trying to navigate your logistics route. Or take a break, sit down at the pier, and fish while you watch the sun setting in the horizon. Plus several other jobs and activities to experience on the Transport Tycoon servers.

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